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Refereed Papers
  Visual Simulation of Trees


  Visual Simulation of Eroded Terrain


  Visual Simulation of Flames  


  Visual Simulation of Water Currents


  Visual Simulation of Clouds


  Visual Simulation of Aging Process  


  Pictorial Rendering (Non‐photo-realistic Rendering)



  Visual Simulation of Lave Flows


  Visual Simulation of Lightning


  Visual Simulation of Collapse


  Visual Simulation of Sound Generation

  Point-based Modeling & Rendering

  Image Video-based Graphics

  Laser Graphics

  Intelligent Image Editing  

  Projection Mapping  

  Entertainment Game 

  • Tsetsegjargal Erdenebaatar, Tadahiro Fujimoto, Kouichi Konno, Study on Wiping Operation to Accelerate Human Activities on Hidden Object Game, The Journal of the Society for Art and Science Vol. 21, No.4, pp.233-240, 2022[pdf]

  International Conference

  • Khuslen Battulga and Tadahiro Fujimoto, View-dependent Projection Mapping for Enhancing 3D Effect, The 16th International Conference of Asia Digital Art and Design (ADADA International 2018), pp.151-156, 2018.11
  • Tsetsegjargal Erdenebaatar and Tadahiro Fujimoto, An Interactive Entertainment by Triangulation-based Image Emergence, The 16th International Conference of Asia Digital Art and Design (ADADA International 2018), pp.236-241, 2018.11
  • Yusuke Sasaki, Tadahiro Fujimoto, Efficient Virtual View Rendering by Merging Pre-rendered RGB-D Data from Multiple Cameras, IWAIT2018, 2018.1
  • Mizuki Tachibana, Tadahiro Fujimoto, Image Montage for Constructing Photorealistic Virtual World from Different Real Scene Images, IWAIT2018, 2018.1
  • Yusuke Echigoya, Toshiki Yokoyama, and Tadahiro Fujimoto, Interactive Paint System Using Boundary Expansion Texture Synthesis, IWAIT 2017, pp.1-4, 2017.1
  • Kota Suzuki and Tadahiro Fujimoto, Montage of Multiple Images using Optimal Relative Arrangement by Patch-based Image Quilting Search, IWAIT 2017, pp.1-4, 2017.1

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  •   [Abstract]
  • D.Takeshita, S.Ota, M.Tamura, T.Fujimoto, N.Chiba, Particle-Based Visual Simulation of Explosive Flames, Proc.Pacific Graphics, pp.482-486, 2003.10 
  • [Abstract]
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